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Trauma Counselling Project

Days or weeks after a tragedy or traumatic incident, the individuals will require trauma counselling to work through the difficulties they are experiencing. A six-week counselling cycle facilitated by qualified and registered counsellors is offered to persons affected by violence and torture. Normally people make telephonic contact with The Trauma Centre or they are referred by doctors, organisations, family relatives, educators or the media.

Service rendered: Awareness raising campaigns, individual and group counselling, referral

6 sessions for TCP
Session 1 – Intake Assessment and psycho-education, enhancing coping skills
Session 2 – Feedback from the intake assessment, way forward and setting goals
Session 3 – Working on the goals
Session 4 – Working on the goals + Continuous Assessment
Session 5 – Feedback from the continuous assessment and possible termination
Session 6 – Either termination or re contracting for more sessions

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Our problems may be great in South Africa but the spirit and strength of our people is quite extraordinary.
Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, patron of The Trauma Centre

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