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Trauma Response Project

When a traumatic incident occurs, the person affected is in a state of shock and is not prepared for counselling. Incidents which Trauma Counsellors would respond to include armed assaults, hi-jacking, murder, gang violence, marches or service delivery protest that become violent, train accidents, fires or floods. The immediate support offered by Trauma Counsellors is containment to ensure that the person has support. Containment focuses on the immediate needs of the person.

Looking at the TRP Statistical data it becomes rather evident that interpersonal violence is high on the agenda, whether at schools or in our communities. In July 2012 we responded to 15 Trauma Incidents and out of this the majority of victims were youth between the ages of 18 and 35. Common themes are the feelings of helplessness and that they did something wrong. These are normal responses to an abnormal event. If you know of anyone feeling this way please do not hesitate to contact TRP.
Services rendered: Trauma response to call outs, containment, training and supporting trauma support officers, group support, individual counseling.
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Our problems may be great in South Africa but the spirit and strength of our people is quite extraordinary.
Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, patron of The Trauma Centre

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